Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello and welcome to The Popping Crease, a new cricketing blog. I am a keen cricketer in my teens and have been playing cricket since the age of 4 or 5 and following it intently. I am a huge England fan and follow their every move. Surrey are my favourite county team but i will watch as much county cricket as i can.

I have started this blog to spread my knowledge and love of cricket to as many people as possible, to spread cricketing news and my views on that news. I hope you enjoy my blog, please do not hesitate to leave comments or e-mail me.




Chinaman said...

seems I am the first to welcome you to the world of cricket blogs.

I will surely be visiting when I am on a bloghopping cruise.

I have added you to my blog roll, would you reciprocate links with
The "silly points" -

After all, a 'silly point' is only a hand-shake away from the 'popping crease'.

T said...

Hi there Chinaman, thanks a lot - i'll get on that right a way :D. You're welcome any time!

DreamDancer said...


Having just started my own cricketing blog I'm looking forward to reading the thoughts of another newbie :) I've added you to my blog list and would appreciate a reverse link

T said...

I've added your link, thankyou :D. Enjoy the blog and feel free to comment on any of my posts :D. I'll pay your blog a visit right now!