Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fact: Test is Best

Test cricket IS cricket.
- The picture shows cricket the way it's meant to be played.

With the Stanford Twenty20 coming up and more ODI matches being played One day cricket appears to be taking over the cricket world, and the England team. The IPL was the second step (after Twenty20) towards a cricket world dominated by the shorter form of the game.

My view remains that Test is the best form of cricket there is, the biggest test and the greatest honour for a player playing for their country. As i've said in the past much of the England squad were reported to have put the shorter form above the longer form of the game in terms of importance to them; money is probably brainwashing them along with the media.

The ECB have come out and said they want to support the England test team to even out the riches and fame the one day team is set to make. This is a great move, maintaining the importance of Test cricket is what i and many die hard fans believe to be best. The ECB want the Test match to be the main form of cricket for the England team with the Ashes coming up next year. Players may not be allowed to play in the IPL next year due to this, if they are then they will apparantly be closely monitored.

Test cricket has in the past been the big thing for cricketers. Playing a test match for ones country was a great honour and to some i suppose it still is. Cricket is changing, however, and the shorter form seems to be far more popular with media and monetary interests in it and the emerging young audience. I sincerely hope that Tests remain the focus of all international cricket boards and the majority of players; they aren't called Test matches for nothing, they are a great challenge and an awesome battle to watch.

Long live the Test match!


DreamDancer said...

I'm glad someone agrees with me. The Test series this summer was one of the best in a while. I know people slated England after the second and third tests but they could have gone either way at various points in the game. It took special performaces to force the results.

Smith's epic 154 at Edgbaston was just brilliant and Flintoff's battle with Kallis earlier in the game was test at its best. I wouldn't bother getting up/staying up to watch one-day games unless it was world cup time but I do stay up for the winter tests in India and Aus because you are almost guarenteed good competitive cricket.

T @ The Popping Crease said...

Eactly - to me Test cricket is worth watching and means so much more. I'll definitely be watching the Indian and West Indian tests on tv through the night! The Test series was good and South Africa were lucky at points and England unlucky, we weren't struggling so to speak.

I can't wait for the Indian tests because they will be a real test for England and KP; great viewing i predict :D.

©hinaman said...

I too would like to join your club.
I started watching cricket when there was no other format than test matches.

My first memory of live cricket was - green outfield, players in white - the shiny cherry colour and the sound of the bat clean hitting the new ball.

Got hooked on it since.
Hopefully it will continue till I hang up my cricket-supporter's slippers.

T @ The Popping Crease said...

Good reading :)

Neno Cricket said...

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Ian said...

Hey there T!

Got some good articles here mate!

Take a look at my site, you will enjoy a variety of my articles!
I will be covering the Border-Gavaskar series. Did a fair bit of coverage during recent series.

Will toss your blog in my links list if ok with you?

Keep in contact mate and keep well.


T @ The Popping Crease said...

Sounds good - i'll do the same for you! Updates coming soon to Popping Crease!