Monday, September 01, 2008

Watch out Cricket, Money is coming!

The Stanford 20/20 for 20 series is coming as the end of the year and the end of the cricket season in England approaches. This series, and the eventual match against the Stanford XI, could make each player of the England XI about half a million pounds better off, just from playing one game. This trend of money in to the game follows on from the Indian Premier League earlier in the year and the proposed idea of the Champions League.

My argument is that perhaps this isn't a great thing; a sudden influx of money in to football did it no good. Players are set to suddenly go from average wages to having thousands in the bank over night - from rags to riches (or not so extreme but you get the point). Players will have money from playing a few games; i mean look at Dhoni, he nearly got a million (in terms of English pounds) for 30 odd days work. I believe this will affect attitudes and could harm the previously bright looking future of cricket in both One Day and Four/Five day forms.

Football is a game filled with lazy players with more money than sense who now dive for fun and swear at the referee. Maybe the influx of money in to cricket will change it so severely that similar things will happen. Many players have said they would sacrifice Test cricket and playing for their country in order to make money playing in the IPL or similar tournaments. Personally i couldn't think of anything better than running out to play a test for England at Lord's, or anywhere for that matter! Today cricket is changing, Money is taking over and Twenty20 power is growing. I'm only 18 and still of the belief that Test is Best; there is hope for the younger generations i assure you, it's just a shame some want money in the bank and not international caps


DreamDancer said...

The influx of Stanford's money into the game was supposed to help West Indian cricket and I was all for it initally. The original Stanford 20-20 competition over there had huge crowds and seemed to get people into cricket again compared to the big money American sports like basketball and baseball. He was re-investing the profits into the islands which should have made a difference over a few years.

His new tournament appears to be blatent self-publicity - landing on the field at Lord's is tacky in my view.

As for the players - it is up to them how they make their money but respect for the game and their countries would be nice.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment. I think the original Stanford20-20 also took something away from Cricket. It was way too Americanised; black cricket bats for crying out loud! He likes to show off his money and Americanise a very British sport. I do agree that the money will benefit the Caribbean, or atleast hope it will!

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