Friday, September 05, 2008

Feel free to Switch Hit!

The Switch hit has come about mainly through the batting of England Captain Kevin Pietersen. It has been one of the main points of discussion throughout the English summer. The shot was famously played by KP against New Zealand earlier in the summer (Scott Styris was bowling) and proved very effective. Since then the shot has been deemed unfair and even a cheat by certain critics and names within the cricketing world.

The shot requires great courage as well as great strength; not everyone could switch to their weaker hand and smack the ball for six. For this reason i believe the shot to be totally fair and a welcome addition to the game of cricket. I don't understand the critics who claim that it is unfair for KP, among others, to play this shot; it's a massive risk and any bowler should be able to adjust and see the shot coming, as with a batsmen charging down the wicket. If the shot were to be widely played then perhaps it should be dealt with but only a handful of batsmen have tried, such as Mal Loye for Lancashire, and only KP has really mastered it - even he has only played it on a few occasions.

Let the man play the shot, quit the complaining and let bowlers learn to deal with it as they have for other 'new' shots such as the reverse sweep or even the charge. I for one would welcome a batsmen who wants to play a switch hit if i were the bowler; what a risk to take, and if you miss you become the laughing stock of the match and the community.

This shot will undoubtedly evolve as it is more widely played and as KP plays it more and more, which i hope he does (i'd love to see it against India!). I then hope to see the switch hit reverse sweep - this would totally confuse bowlers and would be a true stroke of genius, i'm just surprised KP hasn't played it yet or may not have even concidered it. Maybe i should get in contact with him!

Critics are welcome to comment but i am FOR this awesome shot. It's funny the critics are often Kiwi's or non-English, as they are for KP in general - jealousy; everyone wants KP in their side (as well as someone able to switch hit) and they won't admit it.


Anonymous said...

I am in support of the stroke.

The MCC has ruled on it and accepted it as legit, haven't they?

Unknown said...

Yep, it's as legitimate as they come - a very good ruling i think,

cricketbash said...

I'm for switch hit, but only if the batsman can be given out LBW as a lefthander for a righthander and vice-versa..

If not, it is unfair on bowler...